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Jo Campbell Mackenzie

This series of 4 individual short courses crosses historical periods and continents examining some of the western world’s greatest artists and their works.

Early Christian and Medieval Art in the British Isles

  • Early Christian iconography in Rome and Byzantium
  • The mysteries of the Ruthwell Cross
  • The art of the Lindisfarne Gospels
  • The place of Pictish sculpture in Insular art
  • The early Norman sculpture of Cumbria

Course Code: 04 116           Thursday  2.00/4.00  5 weeks        Starts:  1 October 2020   Fees:  £40/£35


The Renaissance in Florence, its roots and impact

  • Giotto, Duccio and Cimabue – the founders of Modern Art?
  • Lorenzo Ghiberti, humanist, business, scholar and the Florence Baptistry doors
  • The Brancacci Chapel, its art and impact
  • Piero della Francesca – unique genius
  • Mantegna and Bellini – a new humanity

Course Code: 04 121         Thursday 2.00/4.00  5 weeks         Starts: 12 November 2021    Fees: £40/£35



Italian Baroque art and its roots in the sixteenth century

  • Titian, colour and drama in Venetian art
  • Albrecht Durer in Venice and the German Renaissance
  • The genius of Caravaggio and Annibale Carracci
  • Baroque art in Genoa
  • The art collection of Charles 1

Course Code: 04  216         Thursday 2.00/4.00  5 weeks         Starts:  21 January 2021   Fees: £40/£35

Eighteenth and nineteenth century Scottish art and its links with France

  • The Scottish Enlightenment, art, philosophy and science
  • The Barbizon School and its significance
  • Claude Monet – the ‘eye’ of Impressionism
  • Paul Gaugin and Paul Cezanne – who were they?
  • The art world in Glasgow 1880-1900, Arts and Crafts, ‘Boys’ and ‘Girls’

Course Code: 04   219        Thursday  2.00/4.00  5 weeks        Starts: 25 February 2021   Fees:  £40/£35


Renato Ammannati

Test your Italian!

If you’ve ever dabbled in learning the language, this informal class in Italian offers a chance to refresh your memory and explore the culture of La Bella Italia.

Course Code:04  307        Tuesday 2.00/4.00     5 weeks           Starts:  21 April 2021              Fees: £40/£35


CALLING ALL CREATIVES: How to promote your work

Dawn Geddes

Being creative comes naturally, but promoting you and your work? That’s a whole different ball game. This course will provide publicity training for people who work in the arts and creative industries. Whether you’re an artist or an actor, a jewellery maker or a photographer, this four-week programme will provide you with all the skills you need to really shine, including how to: promote you and your work on and offline, engage your audience, deal with media and present yourself in a calm and confident manner.

Course code: 04 302    Monday  6.30/8.30  4 weeks    Starts: 19 April 2021       Fee: £32/£28 concession





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