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Jo Campbell Mackenzie

This series of individual short courses crosses historical periods and continents examining some of the western world’s greatest artists and their works.

Italian Baroque art and its roots in the sixteenth century

  • Titian, colour and drama in Venetian art
  • Albrecht Durer in Venice and the German Renaissance
  • The genius of Caravaggio and Annibale Carracci
  • Baroque art in Genoa
  • The art collection of Charles 1

Course Code: 04  216         Thursday 2.00/4.00  5 weeks         Starts:  21 January 2021   Fees: £40/£35


Eighteenth and nineteenth century Scottish art and its links with France

  • The Scottish Enlightenment, art, philosophy and science
  • The Barbizon School and its significance
  • Claude Monet – the ‘eye’ of Impressionism
  • Paul Gaugin and Paul Cezanne – who were they?
  • The art world in Glasgow 1880-1900, Arts and Crafts, ‘Boys’ and ‘Girls’

Course Code: 04   219        Thursday  2.00/4.00  5 weeks        Starts: 25 February 2021   Fees:  £40/£35



Renato Ammannati

Test your Italian!

If you’ve ever dabbled in learning the language, this informal class in Italian offers a chance to refresh your memory and explore the culture of La Bella Italia.

Course Code:04  307        Tuesday 2.00/4.00     5 weeks           Starts:  21 April 2021              Fees: £40/£35



CALLING ALL CREATIVES: How to promote your work

Dawn Geddes

Being creative comes naturally, but promoting you and your work? That’s a whole different ball game. This course will provide publicity training for people who work in the arts and creative industries. Whether you’re an artist or an actor, a jewellery maker or a photographer, this four-week programme will provide you with all the skills you need to really shine, including how to: promote you and your work on and offline, engage your audience, deal with media and present yourself in a calm and confident manner.

Course code: 04 302    Monday  6.30/8.30  4 weeks    Starts: 19 April 2021       Fee: £32/£28 concession





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