Lifelong Learning Dundee is an independent, not-for-profit organisation developed by former students and tutors of the long-running continuing education classes at the University of Dundee.

For many years the University of Dundee offered classes for the  local community  in its ‘Courses for Adults’ programme.  In 2017 the University replaced these with credit-bearing assessed courses.  As a result, Lifelong Learning Dundee was formed to continue and develop the highly valued general interest classes on the campus.

Now, in its fifth year, Lifelong Learning Dundee is delighted to offer an exciting and expanded  programme of classes taught by qualified tutors. PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO ON-GOING RESTRICTIONS CAUSED BY COVID-19, MOST OF OUR CLASSES ARE STILL BEING TAUGHT ONLINE BUT WE ARE OFFERING SOME IN-PERSON COURSES STARTING IN APRIL 2022.

Lifelong Learning Dundee aims to:

  • provide lifelong learning,  personal development, leisure  and general interest classes for the community in Dundee and the surrounding area in association with, but separate from, the University of Dundee, and to
  • promote the cause of and provision for adult education in general and to collaborate with other bodies in promoting and providing educational opportunities for adults.

We hope you will enjoy our classes.

For practical information on courses, venues, parking etc, please see our Courses page.

Lifelong Learning Dundee would like to thank the University of Dundee for providing accommodation for our classes. However, it must be made clear that the University is not involved in the provision of the classes, the responsibility for which rests wholly with Lifelong Learning Dundee.


Lifelong Learning Dundee

Office bearers:

Chair: Ann Auchterlonie

Vice Chair: Brian Ballinger

Treasurer: Richard Firth



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