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These online five one-hour classes are on some of the most important emperors from the end of the I century BC to the IV century AD: Julius Caesar, the general whose death caused the civil war to break out; Augustus, the cunning politician who, by bringing back peace and social order, made the Roman Republic a Principate; Nero, the artist, the libertine, the matricide and, last but not least, the alleged arsonist; Elagabalus, one the most controversial figures of the third century; Constantine, the first Christian emperor and the founder of a new city, Constantinople; lastly, Valens, whose death in the battle of Adrianople marked the beginning of the collapse of the Roman State and of its civilisation. 

NB The course will start on Tuesday 28 April at 2pm to  welcome everyone to the secure LLD Online Classroom. 

Details of how to join the class will be emailed by Monday 27 April.

Course code: 03 355             Starts: Tuesday 28 April             2.30 – 3.30 pm   

Fee: £20/£17.50  


Please note – Bookings will close THREE working days before the course begins. Thereafter, details of how to access the course will be sent to you by email a day or so before the course starts.

Anyone wishing to book after that date should contact

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