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Elizabeth McGillivray

Law matters to all of us; it shapes our communities and our lives but do we understand the law of the land we live in?

The Law of Succession and Ownership of Land

This class focusses on two specific areas of law with which most people will come into contact – the Law of Succession and the ownership of land, and in particular, the way Scotland’s 400 year old public Register has changed in the past 40 years.

Code LLD 924 Wednesday 3.00 – 5.00 pm Starts January 23 – 5 weeks Fee: £40/£35




This course present a series of stimulating lectures from different specialists on a wide range of topics.

Jan 29: Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): learning from the failures of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG)   

  • Keith Skene

Dr Keith Skene is currently on an advisory panel to the United Nations Education Programme on SDGs. In this lecture, he will explore the challenges facing the UN in terms of implementing the ambitious programme of reform targeted for completion by 2030, and lessons learnt from the MDG programme.

Feb 5: Scottish Place Names

  • Simon Taylor

A general introduction to Scottish place-names, looking at examples of place-names from all 7 of the main languages which have contributed to the Scottish namescape (Brittonic, Pictish, Gaelic, Norse, Old English, Scots and Scottish Standard English); then exploring what else besides language that place-names can tell us about the past, with particular reference to the Dundee area.

Simon Taylor is reader in Scottish onomastics (name-studies) at the University of Glasgow, with special emphasis on place-names. He has published extensively on the subject including five volumes of the place-names of Fife (2006-2012) and individual volumes on the place-names of Kinross-shire (2017) and Clackmannanshire (forthcoming). He is one of the founder members of the Scottish Place-Name Society (1996) and co-edits the annual Journal of Scottish Name Studies .

Feb 12 Artemesia Gentileschi: the painter, the woman, the myth

  • Laura Leuzzi

Artemisia Gentileschi (1593-1656) is now considered one of the most relevant Baroque Italian painters. The life and the myth around her figure is inextricably tied to her work. In this lecture, we will examine her biography, including the rape and trial, and some of her most relevant and significant artworks, preserved in world class international collections and museum, including the famous Judith Slaying Holofernes (ca 1614-1620).

Laura Leuzzi is an artist and curator at DJCAD, University of Dundee. Currently she is Research Fellow and Co-Investigator on the AHRC funded project Richard Demarco The Italian Connection historian (2018-2020).

She received her PhD at Sapienza University of Rome in Contemporary Art History in 2011.

Feb 19 They may be smug, but are vegans also right?

  • Jenny Kermally

Some philosophers argue that their capacity to feel pain means that we should never use animals to serve human interests. Others argue there are good reasons for human interests to take priority over the interests of other animals. This class will consider different philosophical theories about how we should treat nonhuman animals, and the ethical and political implications of our decisions in the wider world.

An long-serving Associate Lecturer with the Open University, Jenny Kermally, is an advocate of philosophoical discussion and exploration in the wider can community and led Philosophy for Fun classes at the University of Dundee.

Feb. 26 A laymn’s guide to Blockchain, the technology behind crypto currencies and much, much more!

 Simone Liuzzi

An introduction for non-technical people to the next big revolution in Technology.

The cryptocurrencies boom and bust have made “Blockchain” a household -yet misunderstood- word. A revolutionary technology that powers Bitcoin and Ethereum, blockchains

Simone Liuzzi is a Data Scientist, working on machine learning and AI for Castlight, an emerging Fintech firm based in Glasgow. Formerly an experimental physicist, Simone collaborates to the Living Health Project and participates to the Dundee Blockchain Meetup

March 5 Perspectives on Gender/Life Space

This session will be held in the LifeSpace. A visit to the exhibition wil be followed by a discussion on the topic.

  • Jenny Kermally, lecturer in Philosophy will lead the discussion.

Code LLD918 Tuesday 10.00 – 12.00 Starts January 29 -6 weeks Fee: £48/£42



MY IPAD AND ME – A Workshop

Rolf Black

In this hands-on class we will explore the possibilities of using an iPad for more than writing emails, browsing the web or playing games. We will look at possibilities such as using the built-in camera together with a multitude of apps for creating stunning photographs and videos and look behind the scenes of the many settings within the iPad from ensuring a safe backup of all our data to locating a lost device. This class will exclusively look at iPads and not cover any other devices such Android powered tablets.

Code LLD938 Tuesday 10.00 – 12.00 pm ONE CLASS ONLY January 22 Fee: £8/£7


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