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A five-week online course taking place on Zoom

Week 1, 9th June: Roddie McKenzie “How Do We Defeat Viruses, Immunity, Vaccines and Anti-virals?”

Week 2, 16th June: Eric Summers “Classics In Context“. A preview of a course from our 2020/2021 timetable, with a focus on “Dracula”.

Week 3, 23rd June: Tony Black “Confucianism“. Confucius (d.479 BCE) and his millions of followers over the last 2,500 years, teach a system of ethics and politics like no other.

Week 4, 30th June: Neil Paterson “Ropes of Sand: How Water Is Carried From Roots To Leaves In Tall Trees”. The great pioneer of biomechanics Steven Vogel once said “Nothing in physical biology make a better story than the tale of the ascent of water – mechanically counterintuitive, historically curious, structurally specialised, globally critical”

Week 5, 7th July : Dr Keith Skene “Why The Pharaohs Had It Right: Sustainable Design In the Twenty-first Century”. The pharaohs spent much of their lives preparing for the afterlife. This obsession impacted significantly on their lives. In this two-part talk, we explore the role, opportunities and challenges of the designer in paving the way towards a better world.

Course Code: 03 401      Tuesdays 10.30 – 11.30         9 June – 5 weeks          Fee: £20/£17.50

Details of how to join will be emailed in advance.


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