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Law Matters – in Scotland Parts 1 and 2

Tutor: Elizabeth McGillivray

Law matters to all of us; it shapes our communities and our lives but do we understand the law of the land we live in?

This course will look firstly at the Rule of Law and its role in society before focussing on Scots Law, its history and development.  The class will then look at the differences between common law and statute; civil and criminal law.  After that we will focus on two specific areas of law with which most people will come into contact – the Law of Succession and the ownership of land, dealing particularly with the way Scotland’s 400 year old public Register has changed in the past 40 years.

The World About Us

Tutor: Various

Featuring a different tutor each week, offering a specialist’s insight into their area of interest, this course encourages an exploration of how these topics affect us and the wider world.

Session topics include:

Astronomy: Stars Shining Bright Above You – Philosophy, knowledge and truth – Do Women have to be naked to get into the Met Museum? – The Unreliable History of the Blues Guitar – Artificial Intelligence: From killer robots to saviour of the planet.

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