Courses – Philosophy & History of Thought


Tony Black

Islamic political thought is based on the teachings of Muhammad, who is seen as the last of the prophets, in the Qu’ran. The whole world must be ruled by his successors (caliphs) in accordance with the divine law (Shari’a), but with freedom for other monotheists (Christians, Jews, etc). Some tried to combine this with Plato’s ‘philosopher-king’. In modern times, some have given the Qu’ran a partly modern interpretation; others (‘fundamentalists’) have insisted on sticking with the original interpretation.

Course Code: 04 301      Thursday 2.00/4.00  5 weeks   Starts  15 April 2021  Fees: £40/£35



PHILOSOPHY’S BAD BOY: Friedrich Nietzsche

Jenny Kermally

This course will look at the life, times and  ideas of  the controversial and thought-provoking philosopher. His work has been hugely influential since the 1960s and he remains frequently quoted  as well as misunderstood. The precursor to both existentialism and postmodernism, Neitzsche has more recently been co-opted by the alt-right.

Course Code: 04 310   Wednesday   10.00/12.00    5 weeks   Starts: 21 April 2021       Fees: £40/£35



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